Thursday, August 26, 2010

Better Together

I spent some time this morning talking to an amazing artist from, Stephen Brewster. The guy has a ton of passion and some great insights and a really refreshing perspective on the church, design, worship and over all experience. There were a lot of things I walked away with, but I thought I share one thought.

There's a phrase I've been dropping around here a lot this year and that is we are "better together". After talking to Stephen I couldn't help but think of how incredibly large the churches impact would be if we operated with that mentality. Pastors, designers or songwriters – it doesn't matter, we were all created to create, but what we create only gains value when we share it. Stephen says it best, "we don't lose our value in sharing creativity – the value is found when it's shared."

If you're organization, or church is doing something effective share the idea. If you're a designer, or your in marketing and you've found an effective way to communicate a message – share it. The trick then is for those who want to utilize the idea need to realize that it still has to be shaped uniquely for you, your community or organization. Sharing won't create copycats, it will only make for more efficient methods and strategies as they are shaped uniquely for each situation and individual church.

Check out the Crosspoint staff and church. They are doing amazing things under the leadership of Pete Wilson. I've listed a few ways for you to find and connect to the team there.

Pete Wilson - on twitter @pwilson |
Stephen Brewster - on twitter @b_rewster |
Justin Davis - on twitter @justindavis33 |
Jenni Catron - on twitter @jennicatron |

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