Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Opportunity - Responsibility Required

It's been said that we create our own opportunities and I do believe there's truth to that. The founder of Forbes magazine is noted for saying, "Mediocre men wait for opportunity to come to them. Strong, able, alert men go after opportunity." Forbes was right, but as Christians I believe it's more than creating our own opportunities. It's about aligning our agendas with God's plan for each opportunity we are entrusted with.

Within each opportunity we are entrusted with there comes a great responsibility. What will we do with that opportunity, and who do we see as the source of that opportunity? These two simple questions are key to helping us properly align ourselves and our focus in the right direction. If we see ourselves as the source, we will probably keep our own agenda at the forefront. Even if we've worked hard and earned an opportunity, and that opportunity is rewarded by man lets not forget that God is the source and giver of every perfect thing.

A couple thoughts to keep in mind:

• Even when you're entrusted and given opportunity make sure your vision aligns with God's plan for that opportunity.

• When this applies - make sure your vision in each opportunity is aligned under the vision of those leaders who have entrusted you.

What I'm realizing is that even if it's a self-created opportunity, or one that has been given to me by someone else, it's never about me. My challenge is that I won't have a "me" agenda mindset, but a "he" agenda mindset. What does God require of me to do with this opportunity, or what do my leaders require from me in this opportunity.